Enterprise Integration

Mitigating the operational and business challenges inherent in enterprise integration doesn’t have to be painful.

With so many moving parts to think about, bridging the IT/OT gap and effectively closing the loop with your business, operational and automation systems is easier said than done. You must keep your facility up and running while ensuring everything works together without operational friction and safety risk. A daunting task to be sure, especially when you’re dealing with limited staff resources and have many other variables and questions, including:

  • How do you determine the best approach for solving specific challenges?
  • How can you quantify material consumption quickly at the end of a production run or batch without incurring supply chain delays or additional inventory or labor costs?
  • How do you incorporate new technologies, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data analytics, cloud data storage, etc.?
  • Is the right data being captured at the right frequency and granularity to enable effective analytics?
  • Is the right data available to the analytical people in your organization who can use it to improve your asset performance and ultimately your business outcomes?
  • What is the baseline for acceptable asset performance?
  • Have you considered using a metric like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to measure the efficiency of your operation and assets?
  • Are you using key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards to give visibility to how well or badly your assets are performing?
  • Do your maintenance requirements schedule you, or do you schedule them?
  • How can you empower your operators and reduce risk?

Take your business to the next level.

MAVERICK’s enterprise integration team is ready to partner with you to define ways to improve your business outcomes. We provide a holistic, platform-independent approach and analysis to help you solve these and other challenges, as well as achieve much-needed gains to stay competitive. Our team of consulting experts can help you select today’s leading-edge technology and combine it with your existing systems infrastructure wherever possible. We can also help you solve a variety of critical areas, including:

  • Understanding the capabilities and goals of your organization and stakeholders
  • Leveraging your existing infrastructure wherever possible
  • Defining a logical, incremental approach to solving the business problem
  • Leveraging the latest in manufacturing execution system (MES) strategies and technologies
  • Optimizing performance and decreasing downtime, while getting your maintenance activities and costs under control
  • Incorporating ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards
  • Using data visualization and advanced analytics effectively to optimize performance across assets, materials, energy and yield
  • Applying work process management (WPM) tools to help personnel with critical procedures and tasks

Manufacturing companies have
many moving parts.

Integrating these so they all work together without operational friction demands effective business, operational and automation system integration. MAVERICK Technologies’ Enterprise Integration team can apply a holistic, platform-independent approach to solving the challenges this task presents. Using your existing automation, operational and business systems infrastructure wherever possible, combined with a fit-for-purpose approach for new technology selection where necessary, MAVERICK can provide expertise and solutions in a variety of critical areas including:

Manufacturing Technology Consulting

Get a holistic, platform-independent viewpoint.

Manufacturing / ERP Integration

Bridge gaps and close the loop with business systems.

Smart Manufacturing
/ IIoT

Leverage the latest strategies and technologies.


Get more from existing plant and manufacturing assets.

Performance Analytics / Data Infrastructure

Collect, structure, manage and socialize data.


Optimize operations and reduce manual tasks.

Work Process

Facilitate information and empower better decision making.

Enterprise Integration Brochure

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise.


Enterprise Integration

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Enterprise

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Case Studies

See how MAVERICK works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the industry.
Chemical Manufacturer Upgrades OSIsoft® PI System and Deploys Golden Batch System
Power Facility Improves Efficiency with Hand-Held HMI System
Meat and Poultry Company Eliminates Paper Lot Tracking System
RO Film Manufacturer Increases Customer Service and First-Pass Quality through Lot Tracking and Positive Release
Major Metal Producer and Recycler Evaluates Operational Technology Strategy
Large Pharmaceutical Company Generates FDA-Compliant Alarm Summary Reports using the OSIsoft® PI System
Packaged Gas Producer Uses Operations Management Solution to Eliminate Paperwork, Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs
Leading Global Provider of Specialty Food Ingredients and Solutions Automates KPI Generation
Leading Vinyl Compound Producer Leverages Wonderware® MES
Water Filter and Purification System Manufacturer Implements MES Upgrades and Enhancements
Product Quality System Developed for Water Filtration Module Production Line
Soy Protein Producer Maintains Competitive Edge by Improving Business Processes and Enterprise-Wide Data Availability
MAVERICK Develops MES Application with Recipe Management
Data Acquisition System Developed for Solar Cell Stringer
RO Film Manufacturer Increases Customer Service and First-Pass Quality through Lot Tracking and Positive Release
Steel Plate Heat Treat Facility Develops Product Quality System

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Engage our enterprise integration experts to partner with you through the design, build, configuration, integration, startup, commissioning, business integration, operational consulting and 24/7/365 remote management and monitoring process.