Data Centers

As you continue to ride the digital transformation wave, new technological developments (e.g., smart manufacturing, cloud and edge computing, distributed infrastructure, etc.) are impacting your data-driven decisions and shaping the way you utilize and operate data centers. Whether you need a new data center system or better results from an existing infrastructure, our team of experts can effectively help you manage, monitor, control and operate distributed data center environments.

The MAVERICK Approach

At MAVERICK Technologies, we leverage our expert team of automation professionals and their collective experience in data center and critical environments to develop solutions that meet your immediate specifications. Our methodology is built around problem identification and comprehensive solutions. We provide a holistic, platform-independent approach and analysis to help you solve specific issues and challenges. Our consulting experts can help you select today’s leading-edge technology and combine it with your existing systems infrastructure wherever possible to help you achieve much-needed gains to stay competitive.

MAVERICK can help provide expertise in the following data center automation service areas:

Automation and Controls

Our team can help implement solutions around the standards you have created utilizing the latest technology within programmable logic controller (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We also support integration to third-party devices via communication protocols (e.g., BACnet, Modbus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and OPC). We offer:

  • Enhanced data enablement through integration to EPMS and auxiliary systems to track and optimize building and energy key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Site-wide daily maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, maintenance planning, systems commissioning and reporting


We help design your facility’s electrical power distribution system to optimize safety, reliability and control integration. We provide:

  • Electrical power distribution
  • Medium and low voltage
  • Electrical equipment and control layout design


We specify and design instrumentation to optimize your process for safety, efficiency and reliability. Instrumentation is specified to allow optimization using advanced process control (APC). We provide:

  • Instrumentation specification
  • Loop sheets
  • P&ID detailing and as-builts (I&C aspects)

Construction Management

Our design team will closely coordinate with MAVERICK’s field services team or a customer’s contractor for installation, commissioning and startup services. We provide:

  • Electrical contractor specifications
  • Scope of work specifications
  • Close coordination with our field services team of experts

Pre-Construction Services

Utilizing our expert team of dedicated project managers and consultants, we identify challenges early in the process to prevent delays and expedite delivery. We help you:

  • Define scope and schedule gaps that will cause delays in startup
  • Develop automation workflows and blueprint automated tasks involving monitoring and maintenance activities
  • Seamlessly integrate technologies on packaged units (e.g., CRAHU, chillers and life safety systems) into SCADA, HMI and overall control systems

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