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As your business evolves, so do your control system needs. 但是随着时间的推移, gradual changes can lead to big inefficiencies, such as suboptimal graphics and nuisance alarms. And without the proper protection in place, your system is vulnerable to any number of cybersecurity risks. A DCS migration is the ideal time to reevaluate your current operations and identify opportunities for optimization. Here are some of the ways MAVERICK’s DCSNext® solution can help you do that:


Did you know that it takes operators 41% longer to respond to abnormal situations when they’re working within a non-optimized interface? This typically translates to as much as 10% lost productivity every year. Updates to human-machine interface (人机界面) screens are often deprioritized due to cost. 不过,与 DCSN接下来,你可以开发一个 人机界面 that’s not only easier to understand and navigate but also less expensive to create.

我们的 experts partner with your experienced operators to identify opportunities for optimization by reviewing P&IDs and laying out a new graphics structure and plan. This not only minimizes the expense of new graphics creation it also encourages early buy-in from your operators. And by eliminating unnecessary graphics and simplifying others, you give your team an easy way to improve operational safety and productivity.

DCS 报警合理化报警合理化

美国.S. industry alone loses $10–20 billion per year by incorrectly responding to alarms. For your facility, that can mean more than 5% in lost production — but it doesn’t have to. DCSNext migration offers the opportunity to minimize these losses by empowering your operators to handle abnormal situations more safely and effectively.

DCSNext, you can properly rationalize your alarm system so your operators will quickly identify root causes and effectively resolve issues. 我们的 experts collaborate with you to carefully evaluate your existing alarm configuration, apply the latest alarm management principles and streamline operational safety. By including alarm rationalization as part of your migration, you will also minimize costs while increasing operator acceptance — making the transition seamless.

DCS 网络安全 with MAVERICK网络安全

A cybersecurity breach that goes undetected can lead to millions in losses and mitigation costs. 很多时候, viruses and malware are unintentionally let in through the back door by users themselves — 87% of whom leave control system web services active, 未使用的, and with factory-default passwords. That’s why you need to stay secure, right from the start.

与一个 DCSNext cybersecurity assessment, you can protect against the attacks and unmanaged risks that can disrupt operations and endanger the safety of your personnel. 我们的 ISA/IEC 62443-certified experts assess your risk potential and design a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that defends against downtime. When implemented as part of your DCSNext upgrade, the incremental cost is minimal.


DCSNext delivers a custom-fit solution that leverages the latest innovations to improve your operations. The additional services we offer can help you get even more out of your migration, ensuring your upgrade doesn’t just bring you up to speed but propels you ahead of the competition for years to come.

  • ISA-88 batch modernization
  • ISA-106 state-based control
  • 先进的过程控制
  • Field services integration (including construction management)
  • 资产管理
  • Embedded PM and program management



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